Imabari Towel Japan


Made in Japan: Sugoi Towel

Sugoi means “great” in Japanese.

– The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!

Ideal gift for
•    Baby showers
•    Birthdays
•    Weddings
•    Engagements
•    House warming
•    Corporate gift giving

Imagine you put a fluffy, soft and clean towel on your face every morning….
A Sugoi towel will bring to you a new world of pleasure.

The Imabari towel is a premium quality towel. Imabari is located in Ehime prefecture, Shikoku Island.

You can purchase here with our user friendly system. You will be able to touch and use sugoi towel at home soon.

Sugoi means “great” in Japanese.
•    Ongoing fluffy touch“ Fuwa fuwa” in Japanese (even after washing numerous times)
•    100% cotton with a luxury feel
•    Moisture absorption from the first use
•    Beautiful Japanese gift wrapping is also available on request
•    You can order a towel only or Japanese themed gift wrapping in a special box
•    Size 34 cm x 36 cm, Weight 73 g. (only towel)



すごいタオル – 愛媛県今治からやって来た日本製タオル

•    出産祝い
•    誕生日
•    結婚式
•    引っ越し祝い
•    ビジネス

毎朝 ふわふわの清潔なタオルで顔をふくことを想像してみてください。タオルの新たな世界が広がります。



•    ずっと続くふわふわ感 (洗濯機で何回も洗った後でもふわふわ感が持続)
•    100%綿 高級感のある手触り
•    使いはじめからバツグンの吸収力
•    美しい和風 ギフトラッピングも受け付け中
•    タオルのみの注文可。もしくは 和風ギフトラッピング、箱入り注文可。
•    サイズ  34 cm x 36 cm, 重量 73 グラム (タオルのみ)

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