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 Japanese and English

Have you learnt a foreign language before? What sort of image would you have if you were able to communicate in a foreign language? Foreign language experience will benefit you particularly in three significant ways; 1) to be able to communicate with a wide range of people, 2) to be able to broaden your mind and 3) to be able to raise awareness about your own mother language and culture.

In Japan, learning English is a popular hobby. In fact, most students learn English as a compulsory subject at Primary School, Junior High School and High School. Although you may meet people who may be able to communicate with you in English, it is still handy to master at least few basic greetings and sentences prior your trip. For example, greetings, self-introduction, asking “How much is this?”, “where is …..”, “I need your help….” and/ or “May I take photo?”. You can start to learn how to speak Japanese from basic level, intermediate level or advanced level. We can assess your Japanese skills and customise your learning goals.

In Australia, good level of communication skills in English improves your life different avoiding unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Having some communication tools means you will not only gain respect from local people but also provides you with more opportunities to interact.

masako international offers language courses for corporate groups, couples, friends and family.

The course are available with the following options;

  • Beginner Speaking Class (greetings, counting numbers, basic self- introduction)
  • Intermediate Speaking Class (asking questions, responding depends on the scenario e.g. at the shop, at someone’s house, at restaurant)
  • Upper Intermediate Speaking Class (asking questions, responding depends on the circumstances e.g. requesting/exchanging items)
  • Advanced Speaking Class (asking questions, responding in specific social expectations e.g. gaining agreement)

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英語 日本語


日本で、英語を習うこと(英会話)は人気がある趣味の一つです。ほとんどの生徒は小学校、中学校、高校で必修科目として 英語を勉強します。日本へ行く時、英語でコミュニケーションを取ることも出来るかもしれませんが、日本語での挨拶や簡単な日常会話を身につけていけば役に立つでしょう。例えば、「いくらですか。」「-はどこですか。」「写真をとってもいいですか。」等です。初級、中級、上級レベルから日本語を習うことが出来ます。必要に応じてお客様の日本語レベルをチェックし、ニーズに合わせて学習目標を設定出来ます。





  • 初級クラス(挨拶、数字の数え方、自己紹介 等)
  • 中級クラス (質問の仕方、店や訪問先やレストランでの応答 等)
  • 上級クラス (質問の仕方、頼み事、品物の交換など 状況に応じた応答 等)

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